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1-Select between 20 to 30 songs, you may select as many songs as you want just keep in mind that 10-15 songs per hour is normal and that part of your evening is taken up with announcements, dinner, and special dances.

2-Verify the required departure time with your venue. If they require vendors to leave the facility at a predetermined time, you may need to make adjustments to your timeline.

3-Schedule toasts before dinner service begins.

4-Wedding traditions such as the bridal party dance, anniversary dance, dollar dance, bouquet toss and garter toss. If you choose to do them, consider doing them early in the timeline so that the dancing can continue without interruption. You won’t want to stop for them once the party starts!

5-Your DJ can help you make a timeline that works for you. The specific times you outline more often than not don’t actually work out to the minute, but it will make the evening flow smoother without accidentally leaving anything out.

6-If you have seating arrangements. Your older guests usually want to talk. Even at lower dinner music volumes, they may have a hard time doing so. The best spot for them would be as far away from the sound system as possible. Typically, your younger guests should have no problem hearing & engaging in conversation at those tables closest to the sound system and this will keep them close to the dance floor.

7-Don’t forget to connect you Photographer, wedding planner, DJ, Venue and any other Vendors. When it comes to a well planned reception, it’s always best when all of your vendors are on the same page.

8-Most importantly, Have fun and dance at your wedding! Its your big day enjoy it as it will fly by!


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